The treatment paradigm in oncology care is shifting

Traditionally, chemotherapy and other treatments were delivered via an injection or IV, while patients sat in physician offices or hospitals. Today, numerous therapies are now in an oral form, and approximately 25 to 30 percent of new drugs in the oncology pipeline are oral therapies.

ACCC has developed the Oral Therapies—A Patient-Centered Approach project to understand the barriers, impact, and issues associated within the community setting.

Findings indicate that the two best predictors of oral adherence and success are patients’ support system and financial access. Providing information and resources to patients to ensure that they have the support they need and the ability to cover the cost of their prescriptions will likely help to improve adherence and the patient experience. Using these findings, ACCC has developed this tool to help in assessing your patient for oral therapies and identify areas for additional education and support.